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Everything You Need to Know About Spin Selling

Spin selling is a selling technique that has continued to deliver the expected sales target over the years. Although the marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years, salespersons still rely on spin selling in this fast-paced era. So what exactly is spin selling? Well, spin selling is a marketing technique that focuses on the client more. With spin selling, a salesperson keeps the client engaged by asking them different sets of questions to understand their needs. As such, spin selling focuses on solving the individual problems of the clients instead of focusing on sales. This is perhaps one of the leading reasons why salespersons who use this marketing technique are successful. The following is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about spin selling.

Before getting into the particular details of spin selling, it would be best to understand the background of spin selling. Well, spin selling is the work of a leading author who published a book to show the benefits of spin selling. In fact, spin selling is an acronym derived from four phases. The four phases that represent spin selling include situational question, problem question, implication question, as well as need or payoff question.

Now that you know more about the background of spin selling, you ought to learn more about what each phase represents. In the situational question phase, salespeople are supposed to engage the clients by asking general questions. The aim of this phase should be to get a cue that you can jump on. Situational questions should revolve around the product of the salesperson. The problem question, on the other hand, should be geared towards finding out more about the problems the clients are facing in their current situation. For instance, you can ask the client if using the premium product or tool is expensive. Asking question problems will go a long way towards helping a salesperson to come up with viable solutions to the current problems of the client. The implication question should be geared towards convincing the client that the product or service will solve all their problems while the need or payoff question should be aimed towards convincing the client of the benefits of buying the product or service.

To conclude, you ought to set some ground rules if you want to use spin selling process as your primary selling method. Some of the things you ought to do include to research adequately and to listen to your clients at all times.

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